Licensing Requirement (For work performed in Oregon only)

Each employee who works for a licensed Boiler Business, and who is engaged in working on a boiler, pressure vessel, or regulated piping system, must have an individual license or certification for the type of work being performed.

Class 4
This is a Boilermakers license. A person holding this license may install, alter or repair boilers and pressure vessels (excluding non-boiler external piping) by welding or other methods of attachment. Minimum qualifications and examination required:

* at least 2,000 hours of verifiable experience doing welding and 2,000 hours of verifiable experience hours doing non-welded applications involving boilers or pressure vessels

Class 6

This is the Welder license. A person holding this license may weld on boilers, pressure vessels or pressure piping while employed by an approved welding employer. Work may only be performed under the supervision of a person holding a Class 4, 5, 5-A, or 5-B depending on the work being performed.

Oregon Boiler licensees are required to have 24 hours of continuing education during a 3 year license cycle.
List of State-approved Independent Providers of Continuing Education and Classes

How to Obtain a Boiler Certification

1. Secure an application for Class 1 through 6 Boiler License Examination.
Boiler License Application, Classes 1 – 6
(Boiler Experience Verification, Classes 3 – 5b may also be needed)
OR: Apply Online Here.

2. Complete the application, indicating any required experience.
* Make sure to sign the application.
Indicate on the application the location you wish to take the test from the list of authorized testing locations.

3. Complete the Experience Verification form (if required).

4. Submit the application with the appropriate fee to:

DCBS Fiscal Services
PO Box 14610
Salem, OR 97309-0445

5. Once the application is received and approved: A letter will be sent indicating approval, exam site location, and contact name & phone number to arrange a time to take the test. The applicant will have 60 days from the date of the acceptance letter to schedule and take the test.

For more information on technical requirements, contact:

Kevin Perdue
Chief Boiler Inspector
Phone: 503-373-7499
Fax: 503-378-4101

For more information on study materials, certification experience, and applications contact: