Respect, Integrity, & Personal Responsibility Equal Success

Apprenticeship is the first step in the process of understanding how to become a team player. The actions by one individual can impact the whole team. That being said, the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers has adopted a new “Code of Excellence” that all of our members will train with and live up to if we want to remain a positive force in our industry. Words and actions have consequences. The Creed our membership has chosen to follow will provide the path to success.

Understanding the real meaning of The Boilermaker Creed and by living the Code demonstrates that Boilermakers are serious about the career path they have chosen to follow. This Code and Creed we have embraced must be practiced until it becomes routine. When you take the word BOILERMAKERS and use it as an acronym, each individual letter becomes an attribute that helps to make our organization successful in the same way an individual member becomes part of a team.

Three attributes that jump out from the Boilermaker acronym are Respect, Integrity and Responsibility. When coupled together form the foundation for opportunity and success. The rest of these attributes build upon each other.

If one wants to be “Respected” he or she must give respect to get respect. Quite simply, respect is earned and not given. When a member has respect for his or herself, Respect for others, Respect for the craft and Respect for our owners and contractors; this is recognized as Integrity and when coupled with personal responsibility for ones’ own actions, will truly lead to a successful career.

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Boilermaker Creed

Boilermaker – I Live By The Code.