Have Questions about your benefits?

For questions related to Pension or Employer Contributions 866-342-6555 or 913-342-6555

For questions about your Boilermakers Annuity Trust you must contact Prudential Retirement at 1-855-611-2628

Health and Welfare contact information varies on the question. Please see list below.

For Medical: 1-800-235-7748
For Vision: 1-800-877-7195
For Prescription: 1-800-655-0459
For Dental: 1-800-234-3375

For Eligibility contact Wilson-McShane at 866-342-6555


Western States Field Constructions Bargaining Agreement

Effective October 1, 2019

Hourly Rates
Journeyman: $38.56
Assistant Foreman: $39.81
Foreman: $41.06
General Foreman: Negotiated
Employer Paid Benefit Package
Health & Welfare: $8.57
Pension: $14.92  (hours paid)
M.O.S.T.: $0.34
Annuity: $1.50  (hours paid)
Vacation: $3.50  (hours paid)
Apprenticeship: $1.50
WSBIF: $0.15
Total Journeyman Package: $69.04
Total Assistant Foreman Package: $70.29
Total Foreman Package: $71.58
Apprentice Pay Schedule
0000 – 1000 hours   70% of Journeyman Wage = $26.99
1001 – 2000 hours   75% of Journeyman Wage = $28.92
2001 – 3000 hours   80% of Journeyman Wage = $30.85
3001 – 4000 hours   85% of Journeyman Wage = $32.85
4001 – 5000 hours   90% of Journeyman Wage = $34.70
5001 – 6000 hours   95% of Journeyman Wage = $36.63
*Appprentices are paid full benefits.
*Vacation is added to gross wages, taxed and taken off.
*Field Dues are 6% of gross wages.
*Subsistence: Over 70 miles – $65.00/day Over 120 miles – $80.00/day
*Travel: Over 120 miles (in and out) IRS allowable.
Helper Pay Schedule
Helper: $21.21/td>
Helper Employer Paid Benefit Package
1st 2000 Hours
Health & Welfare:
Pension: $0.61
M.O.S.T.: $0.34
Annuity: $0.10
Vacation Trust:
Apprenticeship: $1.50
WSBIF: $0.15
After 2000 Hours
Health & Welfare: $8.57
Pension: $0.61
M.O.S.T.: $0.34
Annuity: $0.10
Vacation Trust:
Apprenticeship: $1.50
WSBIF: $0.15

* Helpers may not perform layout work, certified welding, crane signaling or service in any capacity. The Helper may perform any other work in which he or she is capable of performing.

Benefit Plans

The benefits of being a union member are huge. On average, unionized workers earn about 28 percent more in wages than nonunion workers. They are nearly twice as likely to have an employer-paid pension as nonunion workers. And in 2010, 84 percent of union workers were covered by an employer-sponsored health care insurance plan, compared to only 55 percent of nonunion workers.

Communities benefit from unions as well. Studies show that unions are good for business, productivity, and the economy. They lift families out of poverty and are credited by many historians with creating the U.S. middle class.

For more information on the benefits of unions, visit the Union Difference page on the AFL-CIO web site.

The page you are currently on contains links to information on benefits specifically for Boilermakers and their families. Since our founding in 1880, the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers has sought to improve the quality of life for our members through better wages and benefits.

Today, the Brotherhood participates in three Taft-Hartley trusts that provide pensions, health insurance, and an annuity for those locals who participate. These labor-management trusts offer participating members the opportunity for a more secure retirement as well quality health care for themselves and their families. Some members have other types of benefits through their employers and do not participate in these plans.

The three national trusts include:

Boilermaker-Blacksmith National Pension Trust
Our pension helps participants plan more effectively for the future as it promises eligible participants a lifetime benefit in a specific monthly amount at retirement. Employer contributions are established in collective bargaining agreements, and the pension fund grows tax-deferred. Early retirement, disability, death and survivor benefits are also available under the pension plan.
Boilermakers National Health and Welfare Fund

The Boilermakers offer exceptional health benefits. Our networks comprise doctors, hospitals and providers who meet strict credentialing standards and deliver substantial savings for our participants.

Our health benefits currently cover a substantial part of the cost of medical, dental, vision, prescription drugs and hearing aids. We cover inpatient and outpatient hospital visits and have behavioral health/substance abuse and organ transplant programs. We also offer excellent long-term disability coverage. The combination of benefits helps to protect the health and livelihood of participants nationwide.

Click on the following link to go to the Boilermakers Health & Welfare Website

Click on the following link for a listing of “CIGNA Preferred Providers”

Click on the following link for a “Behavioral Health Benefits Brochure”

Boilermakers National Annuity Trust

The Boilermaker National Annuity Trust is a Taft-Hartley Fund Defined Contribution Plan. The Trust was established November 1, 1985 and is sponsored and administered by the Board of Trustees.

Participating employers make contributions to the Annuity Fund on the behalf of each covered Boilermaker in amounts determined by a Collective Bargaining or Participation Agreements.

This diversified fund is an excellent source of retirement benefits. The value of each Participant’s account depends upon the amount of contributions and investment performance.

All are administered through the Brotherhood’s National Funds Office.

For additional information on these three Taft-Hartley Trusts, visit www.bnf-kc.com.


Other benefits available to members include:

Boilermaker Scholarship Program

Are You Ready for College?

Dependents of Boilermaker members are eligible for scholarships of up to $5,000. Each year, the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers gives a total of $50,000 worth of scholarships to dependents of members, both in Canada and in the U.S.

Boilermaker scholarships are open to high school seniors who will be entering their first year of a two- or four-year academic program at a degree-granting, accredited college or university within one year of their high school graduation and are dependents of Boilermaker members in good standing (includes son, daughter, legally adopted child or dependent of active, retired, disabled, or deceased members).

Scholarship awards are based upon academic record, extra-curricular and outside school activities, career goals, and performance on a typed essay.

Scholarship candidates must submit the following:

The official Scholarship Application (postmarked between January 1 and March 1);
proof of relationship or dependency to a Boilermaker member;
the results from their SAT and/or ACT test scores (for U.S. citizens only);
the applicant’s high school transcript; and
a minimum 350 word, typed essay on a specific theme (a new essay topic is announced each December for that year’s scholarship application).

Contact your local lodge for an application or request one in writing from the committee at the address below.

Scholarship Committee
International Brotherhood of Boilermakers
753 State Ave., Suite 570
Kansas City, KS 66101

Applications postmarked after the March 1, 2016 deadline cannot be considered.


Winners of the 2015 International Executive Council Scholarship Awards:

The essay topic for 2015 was “Discuss ways that unions could use social media to help organize new members and service current members.”

Alison Grace Bachand-Lapointe — daughter of Ken Bachand, Local Lodge 146 — $1,000
Morgan Ellice Baird — daughter of Matthew Baird, Local Lodge D209 — $2,000
Daniel Jason Boutilier — son of Daniel Boutilier, Local Lodge 73 — $1,000
Abigail Nicole Burke — daughter of Sean Burke, Local Lodge 374 — $3,000
Andrew Loren Cessna — son of James Cessna, Local Lodge 744 — $1,000
Madeline Elsa Copeland — daughter of Dwayne Copeland, Local Lodge 363 — $2,000
Chelsea Catherine Costello — daughter of Ian Costello, Local Lodge 146 — $1,000
Hayden Douglas Flinner — son of Doug Flinner, Local Lodge 105 — $3,000
Andrew Thomas Fritz — son of Brian Fritz, Local Lodge 647 — $2,000
Shyann Marie Hartline — daughter of Travis Hartline, Local Lodge 656 — $1,000
Andrea Nicole Hennessey — daughter of Kenny Hennessey, Local Lodge 580 — $1,000
Joshua Michael Henry — son of Dale Henry, Local Lodge 1393 — $3,000
Catherine Rose Keeling — daughter of Harley Keeling, Local Lodge 169 — $2,000
Jacob Anthony Akers LaMar — son of Gabriel LaMar, Local Lodge 374 — $2,000
Taylor Joanne Lang — daughter of Scott Lang, Local Lodge 532 — $2,000
Melissa Marie Larade — daughter of Mark Larade, Local Lodge 73 — $1,000
Robert Lis — son of Dariusz Lis, Local Lodge 5 — $2,000
Austin Cody MacDonald — son of Roderick “Chad” MacDonald, Local Lodge 73 — $2,000
Haley Jade Maidment — daughter of Dean Maidment, Local Lodge 73 — $1,000
JoseC) Sophie Maillet — daughter of Gilles Maillet, Local Lodge 73 — $2,000
Kelsey Anne O’Brien — daughter of Kevin O’Brien, Local Lodge 5 — $2,000
John Wyatt Retkowski — son of Joseph Retkowski, Local Lodge 13 — $1,000
Megan Elizabeth Robison — daughter of Eric Robison, Local Lodge D533 — $1,000
Christopher Edward Rura — son of Edward Rura, Local Lodge 1393 — $2,000
Hannah Ellen Scherer — daughter of Brian Scherer, Local Lodge 158 — $1,000
Meaghan Ashley Sheerin — daughter of Daniel Sheerin, Local Lodge 344 — $1,000
Dillon Paul Stanhope — son of Dennis Stanhope, Local Lodge 397 — $1,000
Jessica Elizabeth Strenth — daughter of John Strenth III, Local Lodge 108 — $2,000
Curtis Wade Wentz — son of Dale Wentz, Local Lodge 1393 — $2,000
Casey Alexander White — son of Kevin White, Local Lodge 105 — $1,000
Savannah Victoria Williamson — daughter of Timothy Williamson, Local Lodge 108 — $1,000

UnionPlus - 50 Great Benefits for you and your family!


The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers has proudly participated in the Union Plus Benefits Program since 1986, when the AFL-CIO first created Union Privilege. This program provides our U.S. members and their families with valuable consumer benefits. With Union Plus benefits, your union membership “pays” at work and at home.

By using the collective buying power of unions, Union Privilege is able to offer a variety of high-quality, discounted products and services exclusively to union working families. You don’t have to join Union Plus or Union Privilege; as a member or retiree of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, you and your family are automatically eligible for these benefits.

The Union Privilege staff monitors each program to ensure that the unique needs of working families are being met. See the list below for benefits available to members of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, and start saving now. For additional information, visit the UnionPlus website or contact Boilermakers UP Liaison Heather Gayle at hgayle@boilermakers.org, 312-560-2590.


Available Benefits:

Print a customized and handy benefits guide

E-News Updates
Sign up for free monthly Union Plus E-News with the latest benefits updates and consumer advice. Be the first to find out about new and updated benefits for working families including scholarships, discounts and financial services. The Union Plus E-News is a free monthly subscription.
Save My Home Hotline

Are you having trouble keeping up with your mortgage payments? Act now and get a confidential, free consultation with expert housing counselors.

Union Plus Assistance Grants

Grant money and advice to help union members facing financial hardship.

Union Credit Clinic

With strong credit scores and manageable debt, your financial dreams are a lot closer to reality. We’re here to help!

Auto Buying Service

Save time and money when you buy a new or used car or truck.

Car Rental Deals
Alamo 1-800-462-5266,ID# 7015700 Avis 1-800-698-5685, ID# B723700 Budget 1-800-455-2848, ID# V816100 Enterprise 1-877-222-9711 Hertz 1-800-654-2200, ID# 205666 National 1-800-227-7368, ID# 5029562 Dollar 1-800-800-4000, ID# TB7546 Thrifty 1-800-847-4389, ID# 0010231364

Save up to 25% on car rentals with discounts from Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, & National.


Save 10% off all Goodyear tires and 5% off all sales tires at company-owed Goodyear, Just Tires or Allied Tires & Service Stores. Save up to 10% off all car service.

Union Plus Motor Club

Get emergency roadside assistance and locksmith services. All calls answered in the U.S.

Health Club

Pre-negotiated 15% to 30% discounts on monthly fees at over 10,000 health clubs nationwide.

Health Savings Discount Plans

Help for the whole family to cut out-of-pocket costs on prescriptions, dental, vision, hearing and much more.

Moving Discount

Preferred moving discounts with Allied Van Lines and North American Van Lines.

Computer Discounts
Dell: 1-866-456-0827, ID# PS16626766 HP: 1-866-433-2018, ID# EP14472

Save up to 30% on Dell and HP laptops and desktops.

Flowers & Gift Baskets

Save 20% on Teleflora flowers & GiftTree gift baskets.

Home Heating Oil

Save an average of $200-$300 a year on home heating oil.

Propane Discounts

Save an average of $300-$400 a year on propane.

Gift Certificate Discounts
1-800-565-3712, ID# 744387769

Enjoy the convenience of buying multiple gift cards all in one location and free shipping from some of America’s most popular merchants.

Mortgage program

A mortgage program to help you and your children buy a home. Unique benefit helps make mortgage payments if you’re out of work.

HVAC Rebates

Get a $50 one-time rebate when you use your Union Plus Credit Card to purchase an annual maintenance agreement with a union HVAC contractor.

Heating Oil Rebate

If you participate in the Union Plus Home Heating Oil Program, get a $100 rebate with the purchase of new energy efficient heating oil equipment.

Pet Services

Keeping your best friend by your side

PODS Discounts
1-800-776-PODS (7637)

Save up to 10% on moving and storage with PODS.

Powell’s Online Bookstore

This unionized online bookstore offers affordable used and new books.

Real Estate

A real estate program to help union members and their family buy or sell a home. Unique benefit provides you with cash back after closing.

Budget Truck Rental
1-800-561-1157 BART # 56000127763

Save 20% off truck rentals from Budget.

Moving Boxes

Union families save 15% off moving boxes and moving supplies such as bubble wrap.

Union Plus Wireless Discount Program
FAN #3508840

Save 15% off select monthly wireless service plans from AT&T, the only national unionized wireless company.

Clothing Discounts
All American Clothing 1-888-937-8009, Code: UnionPlus Union House 1-877-462-7710, code UnionPlus

Buy union-made apparel and save 5% to 10% on everything you buy.

Pet Savings
1-888-789-PETS (1-888-789-7387)

Save 25% on veterinarian services, pet supplies and more.

College Test Prep Discounts

Save 15-60% on college test prep course with The Princeton Review.

Consumer Reports Online Discount

Save 27% on an annual subscription to ConsumerReports.org.

Textbook Discounts

Save 5% when you buy or rent textbooks.

Legal Service
Find a lawyer online at UnionPlus.org/Legal

Speak to a lawyer free about any legal question or problem. Free document review and 30% off additional services.

Union Plus Scholarship

Awards $150,000 annually to members and their families pursuing higher education.

Student Debt Reducer Grant

Grants of $500 to help Union Plus Credit Card cardholders, Union Plus Mortgage holders, and Union Plus paid Life & AD&D Insurance policyholders with their student loan debt.

Accident Insurance

Receive up to $20,000 in accidental death insurance at no cost. Additional coverage also available.

Auto Insurance

Save with competitive group rates. Features driver’s training grants and payment deferments during strikes.

Consumer Credit & Budget Counseling

Get free, confidential budget and credit counseling, and no-cost debt management assistance from certified counselors.

Life Insurance

Protect your union family’s future with life and accident insurance.

Pet Insurance

Save up to 15% on pet health insurance premiums.

Union Plus Retirement Center
The Union Plus Retirement Planning Center gives you the tools to plan for a great retirement.
Credit Card

Three card choices-including a no-hassle, unlimited 1.5% cash rewards card-with competitive rates, U.S.-based customer service and exclusive assistance benefits for eligible cardholders.

Union-Made Checks

Union-printed checks and labels that feature your union logo.

Union Plus Collective Bargains Blog

Get the latest deals & discounts and consumer tips as well as union member stories at the Union Plus Collective Bargains blog.

Movie Ticket Discounts
1-800-565-3712, ID# 744387769

Save up to 48% off the box office price by purchasing movie tickets in advance.

Disneyland & Disney World Discounts
1-800-565-3712, ID# 744387769

Save on park tickets for Disney World and Disneyland.

Entertainment Discounts
1-800-565-3712, ID# 744387769

Save on movie tickets, theme parks, theaters, sporting events and more.

Theater Ticket Discounts
Use discount code: ac0129111

Save up to 50% off the regular price of theater tickets and get access to hard-to-get seats.

Theme Park Discounts
1-800-565-3712, ID# 744387769

Save at parks nationwide including Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, Six Flags, Universal Studios and more.

Union Plus Travel Center
Your one stop for savings on airfares, hotels, car rentals, worldwide tours, condo rentals and more.
Worldwide Vacation Tours
Save $150 on discounted international travel packages and tours.
Legal Services

Legal Services

The International Brotherhood helps local lodges and members get the legal representation they need through our relationships with Blake & Uhlig; Jones, Granger, Tramuto & Halstead (formerly Jones & Granger); other law firms; and Union Plus Legal Resources.

If your lodge needs an attorney, contact your International representative or International vice president.

Individual members in the United States can get legal help through the Union Plus Legal Resources program. No enrollment forms or fees are required. Boilermaker members are automatically enrolled and are entitled to the following benefits for each separate legal matter:

  • A free initial consultation with a lawyer of up to 30 minutes (in person or over the phone)
  • A free simple document review and explanation
  • A free follow-up letter or phone call, if likely to resolve a legal matter.
  • Most additional services are discounted by 30% (including attorney’s hourly rates and flat fees for most common legal cases.)


Spouses and dependents of Boilermakers may also use this service. Union Plus programs are not available to our members in Canada.

Boilermaker Vacation Trust (available to members in the Western States Section)

Boilermaker Vacation Trust

Are You Entitled to a Vacation Trust Benefit?

The Boilermaker Vacation Trust was originally established in 1963 as part of the Western States Construction Agreement. Over the years, other lodges have joined the trust, either because they added a vacation benefit to their contracts or they merged their individual plans into this trust to gain legal protection.

Today 21 local union lodges participate in the Boilermaker Vacation Trust. They include Locals 4, 7, 11, 13, 27, 28, 29, 45, 60, 83, 92, 101, 107, 193, 237, 242, 363, 502, 549, 627, and 647.

The Vacation Trust distributes benefits on December 1 of each year. The payout covers contributions received for work in September of the prior year through August of the current year.

If you believe you are entitled to a Vacation Trust benefit but did not receive your check, please contact the administrative office at 1-800-833-2682. If you are owed an unclaimed benefit, it is important that you claim the benefit as soon as possible, because you will permanently forfeit the benefit if you do not claim it within three years from the date the benefit was payable.

The Board of Trustees will consider making a payout prior to December 1 where the participant has died or retired. Requests for early payouts should be directed to the Board of Trustees, 20910 Redwood Road, Suites E & F, P. O. Box 20757, Castro Valley, CA 94546-8757.

If you have any questions about this Trust, please contact the administrative office at 1-800-833-2682.